About Me

Hello There! I’m Rebecca. I’m a Certified Life Coach and an Endorsed Mind-Body Healing Coach.

As a child of an alcoholic, I learned very early that it wasn’t safe to react, feel or to even be seen, so I tried to stay under the radar. I stuffed my emotions down and did my best to keep the peace. I basically shut down, dissociated, and went into “Survival Mode.” Unfortunately, this childhood programming would follow me into adulthood.

I became an over-achieving, people-pleasing, insecure approval-addict. I did what I thought I should do, instead of ever considering what might make me happy. I lived primarily in fight or flight mode, and it took its toll on me. In hindsight, the signs and symptoms had been increasing since childhood, but I didn’t know how to recognize them for what they were: screaming signals from my body to slow down, course correct and take better care of myself.

when Mono, Hashimoto’s and Adrenal Fatigue put me on complete bed rest in 2014, I’d already experienced years of anxiety, chronic gastrointestinal issues, 2 major bouts of depression, unexplained neurological symptoms, fainting spells and even an inaccurate stroke diagnosis. I felt completely exhausted, miserable and defeated. I finally surrendered and accepted that things had to change.

As I started learning and practicing the coaching tools, huge shifts started happening.  I learned how to slow down and feel safe, I began to let go of anger, helplessness and fear. One by one, my symptoms began to disappear! My lifetime of stomach issues subsided, my depression and anxiety were gone. My energy levels steadily increased, and the symptoms of my recently diagnosed adrenal fatigue and autoimmune illness vanished! I was off all medication and feeling better than I had in years.

As it turns out, all I had to do to find health and happiness was to look inside myself and listen. Who knew?


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