What I Do




For most of my life I was less than stellar at standing up for myself. I felt small, unworthy and I let people take advantage of me. You know what? It sucked! When I finally stepped up and claimed my rightful place in this world, it was the most powerful and life-changing action I’ve ever taken.

I’ll help you do the same. To let go of your past and fully emerge on the other side of healing, you have to use your voice. I know it makes you nervous. Don’t worry, I’ll advocate for you until you’re ready.

Even when that scared little voice within tries to convince you that you don’t really matter or that you can’t stand up for yourself, I’ll be there to remind and gently encourage that voice. I’ll help you realize that it’s safe for you now and that honoring yourself is an essential and beautiful part of your healing.


OK, not really… but then again, I kind of do! First, I’m trained in Mind-Body coaching which utilizes tools and techniques for healing that truly feel like magic. You’ll learn to look deep within for the answers on how to heal your own body and mind, and to treat the cause, instead of simply ignoring or masking the symptoms. It’s gentle, safe and amazingly effective. Second, I’ve been working on healing for myself for a while now, and I’ve figured out what really works. I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve already done a lot of the work for you.


Even though I haven’t always followed it, I’ve always been highly intuitive. I sometimes think I’m a mind reader! I can see and feel subtleties that other people don’t notice. When faced with decisions, I’ve found that if I stop and listen… I already know the right answer. Even if you’ve forgotten how, never learned to listen to it, or you were programmed as a child to ignore it, it’s there… it’s on your side and it’s here to guide you to health and happiness.

I’ll help you tap into it and show you how to listen and follow it. Trust me, it’ll never steer you wrong.


One of my greatest strengths is my ability to stay calm and focused when others seem to be spinning out of control in shock, stress or grief. For as long as I can remember,  friends, family and even strangers have come to me in chaos and overwhelm, desperately seeking a way to find shelter from the storm. I repeatedly find myself stepping in and taking charge when others have been knocked off their game by tragedy or fear. I love to offer a safe and reassuring space for my clients, as they ride the waves of uncertainty and regain their footing.


Gone are the days of forcing or pushing myself through the pain and struggle in life because I’ve learned an entirely new way to be. I now know how to look within and take care of myself so that I have what I need to face challenges and to come out on the other side in one piece. It may be different than what you’re used to, and it does take some practice and self-awareness, but the results are more than worth the work. This is one of those powerful things that I absolutely love to help my clients do for themselves. I promise it’s as good as it sounds!


I worked for many years in the corporate world as an engineer. It was my job to investigate and eradicate recurring issues that someone else had already supposedly fixed. I was known for gathering, what seemed to some to be useless data, and for asking, what some thought, were silly questions. I often surprised my coworkers with my ability to identify the source of the problem by making sense out of seemingly unrelated pieces of information. What this means is that instead of trying to change your reactions and thoughts, I can help you figure out why you feel and react the way you do, and then help you heal from the underlying causes of these feelings and reactions. When you get to the source of the problem, you can effectively eliminate the symptoms.


If you knew all the thoughts that have crossed my mind over the years, you’d probably think I was nuts! Look, you feel the way that you feel, it’s never wrong or bad. It’s counterproductive to pretend otherwise and doing so will only get in the way of healing. Your thoughts and feelings don’t have to be true, rational or logical to cause you suffering. Acknowledging your true feelings is step number one of letting go and moving forward in your life.


Since much of our work will involve turning inward and looking at emotions, I understand that it’s necessary for my clients to establish a sense of safety and trust with me. First of all, I can assure you that everything you say to me will remain confidential. I’ll always meet you where you’re at and go at your pace. I know from my own journey that pushing or rushing things when you aren’t ready doesn’t work. I recognize each client has unique and individual needs, and I’ll tailor the process accordingly, to meet them.


I realize there are many different paths to achieving the same objective. I try to approach everything in life with a curious and open mind. My ultimate goal will always be the same; to help my clients reduce or eliminate suffering. Outside of that, I have no strict formula or rules on how to get there. I’ll be consistently assessing the situation to determine the most effective approach. I’m not afraid to tweak or combine strategies or tools, as I see fit. If something isn’t working, I’ll keep trying alternate approaches and different angles until we discover a way that does.

The time for healing is now, no matter what happened in the past, it’s up to you to decide what happens next. It’s time to step in and claim your power and regain control of the reins of your life.

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